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Sunny and Ben Books

‚ÄčThe Secret Lives of Monsters and Legends is Sunny and Ben's big book debut.

What began as an impromptu set of funny alternative endings to famous fables gradually blossomed into an inspiring children's book. 

The book unveils the mysteries behind legendary myths such as Bigfoot, Dracula, George and the Dragon, and The Loch Ness Monster. There is a story dedicated to each myth, and each story uncovers the 'truth' behind the characters, their relationships, and how all this time we've got it all so wrong! Read, and ye shall discover...

The Team

Sunny and Ben are two lifelong friends who have been working creatively together for many years. They have designed clothing, greetings cards, mobile apps and now are very happy to have published their very first novel. There is no-knowing what this dynamic duo will conjure up next. Whatever it is, it's sure to be another adventure that you will love!

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